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Domestic Match 4 Year Plan
Start dates for our National Competitions

National Competitions

2022  19th September

2023  18th September

2024  16th September

2025  15th September



Finals Day 1st Thursday & Friday in May

    2022  5th and 6th May     Coral Bay

    2023  4th and 5th May     Aphrodite

  2024  2nd and 3rd May   Aliathon

2025  1st and 2nd May   Athena



2 Bowl open Singles 1st Monday & Tuesday in April

   2022  4th and 5th April   Aphrodite

 2023  3rd and 4th April   Aliathon

    2024  2nd and 3rd April   Coral Bay

   2025  7th and 8th April   Aphrodite



Tens League 3rd Thursday

2022  20th January

2023  19th January

2024  18th January

2025  16th January



Shirley and Ivan 3rd Thursday

2022  15th September

2023  21st September

2024  19th September

2025  18th September


NOTES: 1. Final entry dates will be 28 days before the scheduled start dates for National

Competitions and Leagues.


2. Start dates may be varied once the number of entries are known.

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